About us

EcoCat was built in France in 2000. She was designed by Mark Lombard, the designer of the Privilege catamarans. When she hit the water she was ranked as one of the largest sailing catamarans in the world. She was originally designed as a private yacht that was licensed to sail with passengers anywhere in the world. She is built in such a way that even cut into pieces she will still float. Built as a world cruiser, she offers extreme safety and luxury not found in any other tour boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Cabo’s newest high speed Zodiac for eXtreme thrill seekers wanting to explore the spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters nearby. Like those used in the worldwide conservation efforts of Greenpeace this deep ocean speedboat will give you an adventure you will never forget. Not recommended for pregnant women, those with back or neck problems or children under 6.
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