EcoCat Whale Watching Adventure

EcoCat Whale Watching Adventure

(Seasonal Dec 15 – April 5) BOOK ONLINE TODAY FOR 30% DISCOUNT*

More species of whales migrate to Los Cabos than anywhere else in the world. Whale watching here is spectacular, either from beaches or from a boat. Each year, in early autumn, an unmistakable sign of the change of season takes place in this area of the country: the migration of hundreds of whales, which come from the icy waters of the Arctic, up to fresh breezes of Northern Mexico.

From December to end of April there is no better place to see this natural spectacle in Los Cabos. The whales make a crossing of 19 thousand kilometers, and remain in Mexican Coast during the winter and embark on the journey of return at the end of April. A pleasant climate, the shallow waters and abundant marine life, of the Baja California peninsula make a perfect place to give birth and raise their calves. Of the 11 species of whales in the world, eight reach Mexican coasts, among them, the minke, bryde, sei, the humpback, grey and blue. That six months is the longest trip of all migratory species on the planet.

Live the experience of this natural spectacle with us on Board of one of the world’s largest sailboats. Enjoy this tour full of unforgettable moments, where you can take incredible pictures and learn about these colossal mammals. Our guides are experienced marine biologists who can give you more explanation about the life of these beautiful animals dispelling all your questions, making this trip a wonderful interactive and fun experience.

The excellent service will make this tour, something hard to forget, enjoy all you want to drink including Corona on tap, full national bar and unlimited sodas and juices. Premium liquors, wines other beers and snacks are available for purchase. Book online today* and kids 5 – 11 get 50% off, and tots up to 4 are free. Or UPGRADE to our ALL INCLUSIVE VIP OPTION available below.

OUR Whale Season 2016 is ON !!!

All EcoCat tours leave from the Ecocat office inside the EcoBar Restaurant located in the Marina infront of the Tesoro/Wyndham Resort, next to the Baja Cantina. Everyone must check-in at EcoCat Office 40 minutes before departure time.

ECOCAT WHALE WATCHING ADVENTURE:9:00 am– 12:00 pm (reg. price $ book now for 30% discount…$*). Comes with unlimited beverages from juices and sodas to cocktails and Corona.

ECOCAT VIP Upgrade: 9:30am– 12:00 pm + $
Includes our special Mexican Breakfast Buffet in the EcoBar (8:30- 9:30) plus unlimited open national bar on EcoCat.

Monday through Saturday
All EcoCat and EcoToo tours leave from the Ecocat office in the EcoBar & Grill located on the Marina infront ot the Wyndham Resort, next to the Baja Cantina.
* 30% discount limited to the first 25 bookings each trip, book now for best selection.

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